Former Homosexuals Flock To Freedom March To Testify How God’s Love Saved Them

Orlando’s Freedom March on Sept. 14 brought hundreds of former members of the LGBTQ community, who called themselves “overcomers”, to testify how Jesus delivered them from their former lifestyle. These men and women gathered to praise God and share a message of hope in the freedom that Jesus gives to His children.

According to the Christian Post, 400 people marched the streets of Orlando chanting their praises to Jesus. They cried, “When I say Jesus, you say freedom,” and “Freedom in Christ. It’s so nice” as they marched and before they gathered together to sing praises and hear testimonies.

Angel Colon and Luis Javier Ruiz, who organized the Freedom March, hosted the event and took to the stage to share their testimony of how Jesus delivered them from homosexuality. Both are survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre in 2016 and the tragedy was a turning point in their lives because it led them to Jesus.

“This is not conversion therapy. This is not electrotherapy. This is not shock therapy. This is all the Holy Spirit,” Ruiz said to address those who cast doubt on the purpose of the event.

Jeffrey McCall, a former transgender who founded the Freedom March, said he was “set free by the encounter with God…I called out to Jesus Christ and he spoke to me and my whole life got wrecked and turned upside down.” McCall said and he encouraged everyone to “give the Lord a chance.”

The Orlando Freedom March included testimonies from J Brett Salazar, Jonathan Hacker, who was once involved in the gay adult entertainment industry, former Drag Queen Kevin Whitt, Joshua Perez, Davon Johnson, Laura Perry who once transitioned into a man, Ethan Martin, Edward Byrd, and more.

Salazar said he felt God didn’t love him after his own father abandoned him when he was 5. He talked about being molested twice by men older than him. He said he turned his back on God thrice but when he went back and repented, he felt indescribable joy and peace. Salazar praised Jesus and His love for changing him.

Johnson shared he developed effeminate tendencies from growing up with a single mom and he would always get called a faggot, which somehow ingrained in his mind. He said he was sexually abused as a kid and only wanted to feel loved. He found this love from God, who in turn gave him a wife who loved him despite his past.

Speakers shared their testimonies about how God’s love and His saving grace delivered them from a homosexual lifestyle and led them to a bright future filled with acceptance and love. So now they are sharing this overwhelming and overflowing love with other people.

The Freedom March ended with the speakers encouraging the attendees to open their heart to God and seek out his understanding. They remind them that He loves gay people but that they need to follow him for a change of lifestyle.

“God wants all your heart, not just your sexuality. Remember, don’t make freedom your god. Make Christ Jesus your freedom,” Ruiz said.

Indeed God loves everyone, homosexuals or not, even the nonbelievers and sinners. HE doesn’t play favorites and he always sees behind our past and fills our spirit with his compassion and understanding, as long as we open our heart to Him.

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