Funny Teacher’s Prank Video Went Viral Invited To Ellen’s Show And Got Tricked

Teachers are loved by many because of the great lessons that we learned from them all throughout our school days. Having a passion for teaching is a great gift and is paired with long patience. Our mentors play a big role in our learning process as they inject learning for us to be the best version of ourselves. We show too much respect to them in return and we appreciate every single thing that they do in order for us to be successful. We treat them nicely as our second parents.

Joe Dombrowski is a funny teacher from a school in Michigan and is loved by his students. His video trying to make a spelling prank went viral and had a million views. Until one day he got invited by Ellen Degeneres which is a master prank to be a guest in her show. Ellen played a prank on him while doing spelling and later on revealed giving him $10,000 for being a good example of an educator. It did not end to this but instead, he was invited the second time around for another prank awaiting.

Ellen told Joe that she invited his students to fly from Michigan to California but what is funny is that they only hired kids from somewhere and these are not Joe’s students. Treat your teachers with love and respect for they are one of the great contributors to your life’s success. Thank them for the knowledge that they share and pray for them to continue their passion for teaching others.

Ellen Pranks an Unforgettable Teacher
The fourth grade teacher whose spelling test prank went viral caught up with Ellen since first his appearance on her show. Little did Mr. D. know what pranks and surprises Ellen had in store just for him…

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