Gaither Vocal Band Impressed Crowd Through Live Performance “Mary Did You Know”

We have our own playlist of Christmas carols and we play them on the air every time Christmas is about to come. It’s already been a tradition and Christmas would not feel the same thing without this classic good old songs. We have also heard a various rendition of the songs as most artists release a new Christmas carol album intended for the upcoming holiday. This Christmas melody helps us reminisce the previous years that we’ve been through. Memories in the past that we felt too much happiness or sorrow are often remembered because of these songs.

Mary Did You Know is one of the famous songs that is heard every Christmas season. We get to be familiar with the lyrics and the hymn but sometimes we are not aware of what the real message of the song is. Mary Did You Know was written by Mark Lowry and believe it or not, it took him 7 years to have a perfect tune and lyrics. The setting of the song is based on the Holy Scriptures in Luke 1:30-31 when angel Gabriel was talking to Mary about what her son’s life would be.

It could be shocking for a mother to know that the baby inside her womb and she’s about to deliver will someday be the Savior of the world. Mary did not think twice but instead, she accepted what the Lord wants to happen. She followed all instructions given by the angel sent by God from Heaven. Gaither Vocal Band’s live performance of the song Mary Did You Know was incredible! Watch the video below and you will surely fell in love with the song and remember the story of the first Christmas that changed humanity.

Gaither Vocal Band – Mary, Did You Know? [Live]
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