Girl Experiences Rapture Dream, Sees Jesus In A Beautiful Garden In Heaven

Hi brothers and sister, my name is Sammy. Today, I had a dream that I was in swimming class and    I saw a lot of pools but there were less people. I thought that was weird. I disappeared into a room and saw two kids. There was a girl with light brown hair. The other was a boy with maybe grey or black hair.

They were both in towels and they had tablets where they were playing with a Bible app for kids. They were solving an activity that was a world problem puzzle. There was a sound button that said “Jesus died for you” when you touch it.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I disappeared with the kids and the ground was very white, puffy and soft. I saw a man that was wearing a red robe and a golden belt. I knew immediately that he was Jesus so I ran and hugged him. I saw in his had that he had a great key. He led us to a locked gate that had a beautiful garden inside.

He took the key and unlocked the gate. When he opened it and when I saw inside, it was so beautiful! I was waiting to go in and when finally I got in, I saw that there were flowers and tall grass that went up to my waist. Then, also inside, I saw a house that had a space that had grass and a tree. The house was white and had a window that was very black. Like when you look inside it was all black. That was when I woke up and knew that I had a dream about paradise and about G and about the rapture.

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