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Girl Felt Embarrassed Got Her 1st Period On Bus, Teen Boy Helped Her in Such A Warm Way

As teenagers, there are things that make us feel shy or brings an awkward feeling. Something can be a subject of fun to others and affect your ego. These are things that we don’t want others to see in us because it brings shame to us. Women experience their menstrual period and it’s really awful to have it in public places. Some other people might laugh at you but there are still people who would show kindness and help you in this rough situation.

A young girl was riding on a bus home from school when she got her first menstrual period. She was so scared and unsure of what to do. People noticed her and some of them were giggling. She felt uncomfortable that time and she was feeling awkward because there’s a lot of people inside the bus. An older boy approached her and she was expecting him to do something that humiliating. But she was surprised when the boy whispered that she got stains at the back of her pants. He immediately gave his sweater to the young girl and asked her to tie it around her waist to cover the stains that people may not see it. That was really sweet for a stranger to do such a thing.

The young girl told her mom about what happened when she reached home. Her mom was so amazed by the boy’s generosity and she cannot stop herself from posting it over the internet. His parents have raised him well and have taught him good manners. The Bible tells parents to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

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