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God Is The Greatest Healer: A Woman’s Finger Stung By A Hornet Is Healed By God In Unexpect Way!

One day while at an auction with my husband and son, a searing pain suddenly shot through my finger and went into my hand and up my arm. As I looked down I saw a hornet fly away, I was in terrible pain.

I began to pray for God to take the pain away and He did. The next morning when I woke up my hand was so swollen I could not even bend my fingers. It was huge,my husband never gets excited about anything but even he was concerned.

This was Sunday morning and I headed to church believing God had this covered. Everyone noticed how swollen my hand was and many people gasped at the sight of it.

When our Pastor ask if anyone needed prayer I went forward and ask him to pray for a healing. He looked at it and began to pray, instantly my hand started to go down, and by the time I went to my seat I could bend my fingers.

By the next day my hand was totally healed. No itching, that always follows a bee sting for weeks after you get stung,but it was healed.Praise God!

Now anyone who has ever been stung by a bee knows that is simply a miracle! And that was God’s healing touch! Amen, praise God! Thank You Father!


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