TestimoniesGod Saved Me From Suicide – A Powerful Testimony!

God Saved Me From Suicide – A Powerful Testimony!

Have you ever wondered why you got born?. All of us have actually asked that question. Many of us have found an answer and many still are wandering around aimless and in pain because a part of them is missing. They are missing that reason for waking up every day. So, they try to excel in many areas thinking that being excellent would answer them. Or they would just drift from day to day finding no joy and wanting to end their life. It may seem like a cliché but as in the testimony on the video – Jesus Is The Answer!

God made us to be born in order that He would have someone to love. This is the purpose of God for His human creation. Thus, when we don’t receive that love we feel empty and our life is meaningless. God made a way for us to come to Him through Jesus Christ. Allowing Christ to come into our heart cleanses us from our sins and so our Holy Father then can have access to us and fills our heart with His love. God offers this hope to everyone who comes to Him through Jesus Christ. True enough billions of people have found the truth of their life in accepting the love that God offers so freely and now lives life full of contentment. Watch the video and allow the voice of truth to speak to you.


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