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Group Presented A Graceful Dance That Will Encourage You In Difficulties, Set Your Feet on Jesus!

Dancing is often mentioned in the bible especially in the Old Testament as a way of worshiping and praising God. We were given different gifts by God and we need to make a wise decision on how to use these talents. Dancing is one of those issues that was questioned in the past although there are no Bible verses that prohibit us to dance. But as Christians, we need to be careful and make sure that we do not worship wrong idols through dancing.

Movement in Christ is a dance crew based in Montreal, Canada who uses the art of dancing to worship God. Their mission is to spread the word of God through dancing. They have uploaded several videos of their performance and it is so impressive to see their interpretation of a worship music. This is one way of serving the Lord’s ministry as they show people that they rejoice in the presence of the Lord through their graceful steps of dancing.

We learned the importance of rejoicing before the Lord through singing and dancing in the practice of people in the Old Testament. Set your feet to dancing that the Lord may be praised! We are commanded to serve God with our whole being and if you haven’t tried dancing before God, He would love to see you dance before Him.

There are many times we face challenges and tough ones. It feels like the oceans are rising against you. You feel unmotivated, you feel like quitting. If that is exactly how you feel, take a break, and watch this video. We are sharing a worship dance so that many of you can be encouraged and go through your hardships.

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