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Guests In A Restaurant Was Surprised Hearing An Angelic Voice Singing “Ave Maria”

Talents are God’s blessing to men and it only shows His undying love and goodness to our lives. Our God is forgiving and His power is unlimited. He supplies all our needs and He is worthy of our praise. The Lord is merciful, He alone can give us everything that we need in life. He gave us innate talents that we need to discover among ourselves and in return, we need to prove to Him that He was right in giving us the gift of life.

We have all witnessed several people who were blessed with great talents in life. Talents in different aspect and may differ between men but one thing is for sure, it all came from God. It was a normal day in a restaurant when people who came to eat out that day felt lucky to witness a spectacular impromptu performance. A professional musician named Vincent Van Hessen was playing his guitar outside a restaurant where some of the guests were eating in the patios. Strangers were shocked when they suddenly heard an angelic voice from a little girl singing “Ave Maria”. It was a head-turning performance and when people saw who the little girl was, they were all surprised but felt overwhelmed.

The little girl was no other than Amira Willighagen who was known by people to have a very sweet and stunning voice. Amira was the winner of Holland’s Got Talent last 2013 and this girl is belting out her excellent voice outside the restaurant! Nobody was expecting to witness such an incredible performance that day and they felt lucky to visit the restaurant that special day. Strangers who were passing by also took a few moments to stop by and listen to Amira’s golden voice. This is one of the great talents God has given His creation and it is a great opportunity to hear Amira’s voice so don’t forget to press on the play button and your day will surely be full of inspiration and you will find yourself in awe!

Amira Willighagen and Vincent van Hessen: ‘Ave Maria’ by Johann Sebastian Bach and Charles Gounod
Hi My name is Vincent van Hessen and I’m a professional musician. I play venues such as clubs, festivals, cruise ships but first and foremost, I predominantly street perform Street performing gives the artist a direct contact with a crowd of people that willfully chooses to listen and watch a spectacle because the opportunity presents itself, and not because of a pre planned agreement such as attending a concert on any given occasion.

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