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He Used to Be a Drug Addict,But When He Went to The Church In Jail What God Did on Him Must Amaze You.

While incarcerated on drug charges after being an active drug user for over 18 yrs, and homeless living in a tent, it was while sitting on my bunk, looking out the window I became saved and forgiven.

I saw several clouds floating by. When all of the sudden those clouds began to spell words. I yelled for my bunk mate to get a peace of paper and write down the word. Something was being written to me in the clouds. After several names appeared then a scripture Hebrews 13:1-3. At the time I was incarcerated a very close friend of mine had been murdered. I didn’t understand who or why. I then started attending church in jail daily. I learned what the scripture was and it was after attending a few weeks of church in jail that I realized what God was telling me.

What had happened to my friend, who did it, and to remember where I was and how I got there. I am now clean from drugs and serving my God and saving the lost on the streets. Amen


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