Woman Shares How God’s Words Brings Her Internal Healing

It is never too late to welcome God into our lives. We may be in our deepest downfall but once we start to surrender ourselves and open our hearts to God, we know we will overcome. Because that’s what God wants. He will surely be there for us.

Here is Amy Walsh’s testimony shared on YouTube about her healing journey.

For years, Amy felt like no one wanted her to be around. She experienced extreme sadness but she did not understand it at that time. She initially thought it was depression but she wasn’t sure. So she decided to move away up North from her hometown to start a new life.

Amy met a lot of people that share the same faith as her. She thought it would help her move on but her feeling of sadness just intensified. She prayed hard to God to help her clear her mind out of the things that could make her feel sad. For two days, Amy just cried it out.

Credit: Amy Walsh YouTube Screenshot

It was a very painful process, as if she just lost a family member. She knew Satan was the one making her life miserable so she told Satan to get out of her life and she reminded him of who God is in her life.

Amy decided to focus on her relationship with Jesus Christ. To solidify her faith, she went to a Christian tent meeting. There, she took the initiative to lead the opening prayer. But just before she could speak, someone already started praying. She experienced the feeling of being left out again.

She knew they didn’t mean it but that simple gesture triggered the trauma she had in the past. Amy decided to be strong and told them that someone came up behind her and started praying. Nobody in the room knew her personally, but to her surprise, they said she was not forgotten at all.

It felt like Jesus talked to her through them. Since then, Amy no longer felt intense loneliness the same as before. The amazing, powerful words healed her. She had finally freed herself from the sadness that once consumed her.

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