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Heroic Dog Saves Baby Girl’s Life after She Stopped Breathing and ‘Turned Blue’ in The Middle of The Night

Kelly Andrew, from Boston, Massachusetts, is the owner of a Boston terrier named Henry. Recently, the dog started acting up in the middle of the night, breaking into their nursery and waking up Kelly’s baby. Kelly became fed up with Henry’s behavior, but soon realized that her dog had been trying to save her baby’s life.

Credit: Twitter/@KayAyDrew

The baby was rushed to the hospital, and Kelly realized that Henry had somehow instinctively known something was wrong and by keeping the baby awake, and helping to alert the parents, he had likely saved the child’s life.

The baby spent the night at the hospital, and is now doing much better, according to Kelly. She also thanked the ER department at Connecticut Children’s Hospital for being “literal heroes” and helping her daughter.

Credit: Twitter/@KayAyDrew

As the story went viral, people were amazed at the dog’s instincts, and some even shared their own similar stories, showing how life-saving dogs can be, even when it seems like bad dog behavior. Kelly thanked Henry for being a brave and heroic dog and said “We don’t deserve dogs.”

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