LifestyleHillsong United Soulful Song “None But Jesus” Should Listen Again and Again

Hillsong United Soulful Song “None But Jesus” Should Listen Again and Again

The world is in chaos and full of confusion until God placed everything in order. Because of His great love to His children, He created everything to serve as a paradise for us to live in. Nothing in this world can execute such power, none but Jesus!

God gave us the freedom by sending Jesus and die on the cross of Calvary. We were redeemed from the bondage of sin because of Jesus. Nobody in this world can offer sacrificial love as Jesus gave us. He offered His life because of His great love to His children.

Hillsong United is a worship band consisting of several rotating worship leaders who were born with great talent in singing praises to God. Talents that are used to give honor and praise to the Lord make them famous worldwide. They originated from Sydney, Australia performing genres such as Worship Music, Contemporary Christian, and Christian Rock Music. They released numerous albums wherein people were fascinated by their music and admired them because of their soulful way of singing. One of their greatest hit is “None but Jesus” telling the world that in times of hard situations and troubles that life may bring, there’s nobody we could trust and rely on, none but Jesus. We may be confused and feel drowned with sadness but having Jesus in our lives can give us eternal happiness and contentment. Nobody can make you feel secured, none but Jesus!

Hillsong UNITED’s None but Jesus from our iHeart Revolution project, ‘With Hearts As One’ released in 2008 Featuring Brooke Ligertwood.

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