Hollywood Film ‘The Last Planet’ Aims To Tell Life of Jesus Through Parables

Filmmaker Terrence Malick is working on a new film, “The Last Planet,” that chronicles the life of Jesus Christ and told in a series of evangelical parables. According to various media outlets, filming has already begun for a few weeks for his star-studded drama in the City of Anzio, south of Rome.

Veteran director Malick is no stranger in making movies that delve with the spiritual, with “A Hidden Life” and “The Tree Life” as his finest works that are rooted in one’s faith. He has also been making war dramas including the highly-acclaimed “The Thin Red Line.”

However, this would be his first film that goes straight to the source of his faith — Jesus Christ. The movie is said to bear similarities with Pier Paolo Pasolini’s parable-telling “The Gospel According to Matthew.” According to The Film Stage, the director even sought the help of Martin Scorsese after he saw “Silence” and asked him the question, “What does Christ want from us?”

Details about “The Last Planet” are scant but the cast is already in place. “The Hobbit” star Aidan Turner is the latest addition and he plays the disciple Andrew. Other members of the star-studded cast include Géza Röhrig (“Son of Saul’) who plays as Jesus Christ, Matthias Schoenaerts (“The Mustang”) as St. Peter, and Joseph Fiennes (“Risen”), Douglas Booth (“Jupiter Ascending”), Alfonso Postiglione (“Una Notte”), and Lorenzo Gioiell (“The Double Hour”) are also in the movie for an undisclosed role.


Postiglione hinted that he is playing “the producer,” Booth as “the writer,”  Fiennes is playing “the director,” and Gioiell is “the other producer.”

Meanwhile, actor Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies”) has been cast to play Satan, which he said there will be four versions. He is expected to play all four versions.

“The Last Planet” is expected to be released in 2022.

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