Home Free Shows Off Their God-Given Talent Singing Auld Lang Syne

We all have a list of songs that we love to listen almost every day. It may differ when it comes to the tune and genre but those classic songs that we’ve known are still the best. Since we were young, we were already exposed to music as our mom sings a lullaby for us to have a good sleep. During parties, it is quite boring if the presence of music is not around. Every time we go to malls they also play loud music to entice shoppers to enter the establishment.

Home Free is an American A Capella group consist of five vocalists gifted with a powerful voice. The group has toured over 200 shows in a year across the United States and the people loved the blending of their voices. They also competed in the Sing-Off of NBC last 2013 and they happen to win the said competition during the fourth season. They have released their first album in February 2014. The group is consist of five men namely Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust, and Adam Chance.

Home Free has released their spectacular version of the old classic song Auld Lang Syne and it is amazing! Their voices are perfectly blended and they have delivered the song well through their modulated voices. We are all familiar to the Auld Lang Syne song though most of us don’t memorize the lyrics. We murmur in our own words when we were still young and we find it funny the moment we realize what the lyrics of the song mean. Do not miss the chance to watch Home Free’s video belting out one of our favorite classic song Auld Lang Syne!

Home Free – Auld Lang Syne
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