LifestyleHomeless Man Returned $10,000 Check That Changed His Whole Life

Homeless Man Returned $10,000 Check That Changed His Whole Life

Honesty is one of the attributes of a person that is pleasing in God’s eyes. You can be honest even in simple ways like returning excess change from a store or by simply returning lost valuables by others. Telling the truth always gives you a good feeling and knowing that there is nothing that you hide within yourself can give you peace of mind and clear thoughts. You just don’t know how the life of other people might change just because of a simple act of kindness that you did.

A homeless man who lives in the street found a big amount of money that he didn’t expect would change his whole life and make his life even brighter. He found a $10,000 check on the street and he didn’t think twice but was sure of returning it. The owner was Roberta Hoskie who is a real estate owner. The homeless man named Elmer Alvarez searched for Roberta and gave her back the check with a big amount. Roberta was so happy thinking that there are still honest people in the world who exist. She was not even aware that she lost her check that day. Her happiness was overflowing that day and she was thankful to the homeless man.

In order to repay Elmer’s kindness, Roberta provided an apartment for him to live and Roberta decided to pay for it for 7 months until he can stand on his own. They also worked together to help some other people who are also homeless. Roberta has a good heart to the homeless since she also experienced being homeless before. Robert managed to be successful in life despite being homeless several years ago with her kids being a single mom. She also sent Elmer into a real estate school to gain knowledge regarding the business and be successful someday. Elmer’s life totally changed just because of a simple act of kindness and honesty that he did by returning the check. Watch the video below and discover the inspiring story of their lives!

Homeless no longer
Elmer Alvarez was homeless in New Haven, Conn., when one day he came across a $10,000 check that had been lost. The first thing he thought of was to find the person who dropped it, and that’s how he met real estate broker Roberta Hoskie.

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