How Beautiful Story That Shows God’s Love To People in Pain

Years ago I was walking down the street in a bad mood and it was pouring rain outside, out of nowhere the guy ended up walking towards me and I didn’t even know where he came from honestly he just popped up.

He walked up to me and asked how I’m doing and I didn’t feel like talking at all but I decided to talk with him anyways. He asked if he could pray for me so I let him, he asked if I had a Bible and I didn’t , so he gave me his personal Bible and asked me if I wanted his umbrella because how bad it was raining. I told him no that it was ok.

I thought about that day for so long and I still do, I wish I could find the man who gave me this Bible and thank him again because he really did lighten my mood that day even with everything that was going on.

I’ve never read the Bible or considered it honestly but when I seen this today it put me in a better mood. He gave me his personal Bible to use and I have never opened it or anything but that’s all about to change.

So to whoever you are I appreciate you giving me this and praying for me when you didn’t have to.

So to anyone who is going through things in life and it seems like you have no where else to go kneel down and talk to GOD, he will not turn his back on you and he will guide you through any situation you are facing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!! Amen.


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