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Hunky Husband Is Asked If He’ll Leave Wife after a Fire Destroys Her Looks—His Response Is Perfect

In a world where beauty is important and true love is rare, you are lucky to find someone who loves you for your soul.

Turia Pitt is a twenty-three-year-old woman who is living her best life. She is building her career in modeling, is a marathon runner, and had a wonderful relationship with her long-time boyfriend.

Turia joined one marathon in September 2011, unaware that it would be the day that would change her life forever.

In 2011, Turia decided to run a three-day ultramarathon event in the northwestern region of Australia. The supposedly happy event turned into a nightmare when an accident left 65 percent of Turia’s body covered in burns.

Together with three other runners, Turia found themselves surrounded by a wall of fire. Two men turned their backs and ran towards the fire, but Turia and Kare Sanderson were trapped. Turia tried her best to stay awake after the extreme fire cooked her body, making her lost her thumbs and fingers.

The fire was too much that they needed to be lifted by a helicopter to transport them to the emergency unit of an Australian hospital.

Michael Hoskin, Turia’s boyfriend, received a call informing him that his girlfriend had been injured. Turia did more than 200 surgeries and spent six months in the hospital.

She was in a terrible condition when Michael bought an engagement ring and promised himself that if she lived, he’d marry her. Turia spent two years in the hospital undergoing reconstructive surgeries and physiotherapy. Five of her fingers were amputated, and she needed a compression mask to smooth her scars and boost healing. Michael never left her side and became her full-time caretaker.

“If she can walk in agony and…do all the physio they’re asking her, I can be there in the morning and give her breakfast and be there all the time,” he said. “That’s easy for me.”

People are touched and want to know why he continued to stay in the relationship when he could leave and start a new life.

“I was attracted to her soul and her character,” he explained. “She’s the only woman that will continue to fulfill my dreams.”

How great it is to find someone like Michael. Although Turia met an unfortunate event, it became a way to know her husband’s unconditional love for her entirely. Four years after the incident, Michael proposed to Turia in the Maldives and was married the year after and was now a happy parent to their baby.

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