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I am Loved As I Am – Tori Kelly

Christian singer and songwriter Tori Kelly shared an emotional recounting of her life and struggles over the years in her journey to become a singer. Speaking in a video posted on the ‘I Am Second’ YouTube Channel, she talked about her shyness as a teen and always feeling as if she were not good enough. Tori described how she felt her identity was wrapped up in being the “singer” who had the “amazing voice” and how she did not want to disappoint anyone if she failed. Inevitably, she tried to be someone that she was not; singing a certain way, acting a certain way, and dressing a certain way to satisfy people.

After repeated failures, and knocking on many doors that remained closed, she decided to enter one open door—the door to her bedroom. There she was alone with herself and her journal discovering that she did not have to be like anyone else—she could be who God created her to be—and God would love her just the way she was. She no longer felt as if she had to please people by being one way or another, and it worked! Tori has performed to sold-out audiences, has been nominated for a Grammy Award, and two albums.

One of the most memorable moments of the video was when she spoke of Philippians 3:8; where she came to the realization that if all these things could be lost, how she might handle it. Tori expressed that she accepted these things as second best compared to knowing the Lord. Perhaps this is the attitude that has led to her success as a singer—the willingness to be herself before God, while singing to her audience, knowing that if it all disappeared one day, she would still be fine.

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