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I’d NEVER Seen an Angel Like This One…

Candice Smithyman shares an encounter with an angel, the likes of which she had never seen…
▶▶Angels of Fire by Candice Smithyman [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Angels of Fire by Candice Smithyman [Digital Download]:

We can pretend they aren’t HERE, but—

If the greatest move of God in history is here, are the hosts of Heaven sitting on the sidelines?

Heaven’s angelic host has been with us from the beginning. Is it possible to recognize their unique qualities and assignments—and how they are operating? Why not partner with what God is doing?

Candice Smithyman has been schooled about the link between Heaven’s angels of fire and God’s great outpouring. Her assignment is to tell us that we (you) have a part in what God and His angels are about to do.

Candice also says the safest place to be is NOT huddled behind the sofa. In her new book, Angels of Fire, you’ll find a little instruction can go a long way. Such as:

• Angels are Word-activated─but by the Word of God
• Angels are assigned to a person at conception─you will want to know this
• Angels do cooperate with you—for their divine assignments, and yours
• Angels participate in healing—so make yourself useful!

Candice says you can keep doing things the way you’ve always done it. Or not. Candice also learned Heaven will wait, but for those who’d rather be Living in Heaven on Earth, her 3-CD/audio series is a good place to start making changes. Candice wants you grounded — all of us need to take hold of what it means to be seated with Jesus in Heaven.

There is a learning curve, but seeing your world from Heaven’s perspective AND childlike faith will take you a long way! Because believing is better than seeing.

▶▶Angels of Fire by Candice Smithyman [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Angels of Fire by Candice Smithyman [Digital Download]:

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