LifestyleIn Christ Alone, Wonderful Christian Song!

In Christ Alone, Wonderful Christian Song!

This is the pure worship. What Jesus did for each one of us is summarized in this song! This tear-jerking, heart-pounding, and passion-reviving song will pierce the heart of each believer and will speak to those who doubt the love of Christ. This is the love of our Lord Jesus Christ in a song!

The love of Christ overflows in this song that everyone who hears it, regardless of background, belief system, ethnicity, or religion, can’t help but feel the love that caused Jesus to left heaven, lived on earth, died on the cross and rose again for the salvation of everyone who believes in His name. This song reminds us that Christ is above all hopelessness and fear, that in Christ alone there is hope and peace. This song also speaks to those who have grown cold in their faith, that in Christ alone revival is possible. God pursues us even in times that we ran away from Him.

In Christ alone nothing is impossible. God speaks to us in a lot of ways, and, I believe that this song is one of his ways to make us experience His love. This song has blessed over 18 million people who have already heard it and, I know, it will continually bless people from all around the globe, believers or not, with the love of Jesus Christ and the victory that He bought on the cross for us.

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