Inspiring Story: When People Give Up Her God Use Her

My name is Ember and I’m 20 years old. I love to sing, act, dance, write, and model. I was suppose to be a statistic.

People (including my mother) didn’t Believe I was going anywhere. People Believed that I was going to be a high school drop out and pregnant but God!

When everyone gave up on me and thought I couldn’t be used God used me.He pulled me out of darkness and even gave me a platform on Facebook.

God used me when the world said I couldn’t be used.God took me from being a fearful,lying,back stabbing,angry, cheating, depressed, prideful, witchcraft using, disobedient, rebellious, and lonely person to being completely on fire for Him.

Nobody can tell me that there isn’t a God and nobody can tell me that He isn’t a Good God either! God changed me from the inside out and I’m proof that God exists! God is Good and was good to me even when I didn’t deserve it! He has always been there for me! What I have to say to everyone is try God out for yourself, God is good!



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