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‘It truly was the best day of our lives’: Bride Overwhelmed When Paralyzed Groom Stands To Have Their First Dance

Love conquers all as one paraplegic groom overcame his handicap and stood for the first dance with his bride on their wedding day. 

Ryan Estep was a victim of a car crash that injured him during his high school senior year. He became paralyzed from the waist down. However, he did not let this accident stop him from achieving his goals in life. He said that making his wife Chandler fall in love with him is his greatest accomplishment. He confessed that he had to beg her to go on a date with him. 

The two were introduced to each other through a mutual friend named Mac. After a few dates, they decided that they were perfect for each other. 

After the tragic accident, Ryan took up fencing that made him qualify to compete in the 2012 Paralympic Games. He believes that when a person sets his mind on something, he gets to accomplish it. 

Ryan invited Chanler on a trip after a year of dating. He planned to make a marriage proposal on this trip. His excitement was over the edge as he hid the ring from her for three months. When they got there, Ryan proposed within five minutes. 

On their wedding day, Ryan planned another surprise for Chandler. When it was time for the first dance of the newly-wedded couple, Ryan stood up with the assistance of his friends. 

Ryan’s wife was utterly surprised when she saw his friends come near him. Her heart was warm with the thought that she could wrap her arms around him and dance with him. 

Ryan also affirmed that he got emotional during that moment. He was overwhelmed with emotions as his bride wrapped her arms around him. He said that their wedding day was the best day of their lives. 

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