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Janitor Burst In Tears When Asked To Clean The Gym Without Expecting to See Students Prepare This for Him

We sometimes neglect the value of people who work around us. We forget to give respect to the people who serve us in a regular day like the drivers, cashiers, janitors, garbage collectors, and some other professions. Maybe because we’re already used that we see them everyday busy doing their responsibilities in a day to day scenario. We even forget to thank them for their hard work, and we tend to forget letting them feel appreciated.

Mr. Eugene is a custodian at Moody Elementary School in Alabama. He’s very kind to the people that surround him and he always makes sure that he finishes all the tasks assigned to him. The children at the school like him because he is friendly and he always gives them a fist bump. Even the teachers are close to him because of his politeness.

One day, teacher Andrea Orr called Mr. Eugene and asked him if he could clean up the mess at the gymnasium. Without any hesitation, he immediately proceeded to the gym and what happened next melted his heart and he was surprised because he didn’t see it coming. It was Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day and the whole school prepared for it. They were waiting at the gym to surprise Mr. Eugene with their loud cheer. They wanted him to feel recognized after all the hard works. The students started coming to him giving gifts, letters, and cards thanking him for being the hard working janitor. Watch the video below and look at Mr. Eugene’s reaction!

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