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Jeanne Robertson Made An Unforgettable Statement With The Help Of Her Magnetic Bracelets

The true beauty of a person is not defined by her physical appearance. It comes naturally with the inside and is characterized by an awesome personality. Most people are deceived on what their eyes see and without knowing, it is sometimes the opposite of what a person is.

Jeanne Robertson is an American humorist and a motivational speaker loved by her listeners. Her audience is well entertained especially when she tells a story and cracks up some funny lines that indeed makes sense. She is also a former Miss North Carolina and a Physical Education teacher by profession. Jeanne is a symbol of success for women and also serves as an inspiration to others. During her speech, she was like telling a story about her being told by a woman that she needs to wear something that pops to catch more attention and make a statement. She was brought to a jewelry store and was encouraged to buy a magnetic bracelet. At first, she was trying to avoid it, planning to give some reasons for lying but then it ended up buying five magnetic bracelets.

She went to a dinner party where she decided to wear all five magnetic bracelets. She was sitting between two ladies when suddenly the woman at her left asked her to pass the salt and pepper for the salad. So while doing so, she didn’t notice that the woman on her right was trying to grab her fork getting ready to eat. It was so funny that her magic bracelets were acting up and it attracted the fork. The woman thought she dropped her fork and they were busy looking for it under the table. The funny thing is, none of them noticed that the fork stuck to Jeanne’s arm because of her magnetic bracelets. Watch the video and be entertained as Jeanne tells her story with her interesting accent!

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