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Jeanne Robertson Throwing Funny Speech About Husband’s Christmas Present, Crowd Can’t Stop Laughing

We all love to receive Christmas presents during the holiday season. Most of us expect to receive something from the people who are close to our hearts. It may not be something that is very expensive or elegant, but it is indeed that the thought that counts. We look forward to the sweet feeling of being remembered by somebody on this very special occasion.

Jeanne Robertson is a famous comedian who is loved by everyone because of her humorous speech. Every time she talks, you will find the audience laughing as they are like being tickled to the bones. In one of her speech, Jeanne talked about her husband Left Brain which is really interesting. Jeanne and her husband have agreed into spending $5 for a Christmas present. Later on, Jeanne noticed that she was only receiving junks and was thinking that since they both have a job and quite stable when it comes to finances, they agreed to increase their Christmas gift spending limit into $10.

One day when Jeanne was trying to open a can using her electric can opener, it got broken so instead, she used a manual can opener. She was having a hard time twisting it so she made it clear to her husband that the electric can opener is broken, trying to imply that she wants a new one. When Christmas came and it’s already time to open their Christmas present, Jeanne was so excited and was expecting to see a new box of an electric can opener. But when she opened it, she was surprised seeing another manual can opener! The crowd was enjoying Jeanne’s story and it is really awesome listening to this funny old lady.

Jeanne Robertson | Left Brain’s Christmas Gifts
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