LifestyleJoel Vaughn Praises God is Alive Knowing God Always Answers Prayers

Joel Vaughn Praises God is Alive Knowing God Always Answers Prayers

We often think if God hears our prayers 24/7. Many are becoming doubtful when their prayers are unanswered like they expected. But the answer is YES! — He knows the prayers of our hearts all the time. We may sometimes think why some of our requests were not granted. That is because God says Yes, No and Wait. No doesn’t mean he doesn’t love us but he is preparing best for us which is better than we have prayed. He knows the perfect time to make your wish come true.

Our God’s not dead, he is surely alive! Today you woke up breathing, healthy, blessed and alive because of God’s grace and faithfulness in our lives. He’s living in the inside and roaring like a lion that no evil can defeat. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is truly alive in the hearts of His children who remain to be faithful despite the hardships in life. He is our strength when we are weak, the only treasure that we must seek. God sends His angels charge over His people and cares for them. He’s reaching us from heaven’s throne and he rose from death to victory.

Share the word of God and tell everyone that God is alive and will forever be alive in our hearts. God hears the cry of His lamb and touches everyone’s heart to heal. Heaven and earth will fade but God’s word will still remain for He is surely alive.

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