John Crist Throws Funny Jokes With Trey Kennedy About Bible Characters Engaged...

John Crist Throws Funny Jokes With Trey Kennedy About Bible Characters Engaged In The New Technology

We are currently in a world of fast-changing technology where almost all of the people are engaged to social media. Everyone is posting what they do every minute of the day and their lives are being watched by everybody. From phones and computers, we almost spend the rest of the day dealing with those gadgets and we never get tired. Every single day companies release new updates for different applications and this is how fast the technology evolves.

John Crist is known to be very fluent in throwing jokes that are full of sense and humor. His audience is always satisfied with what he says and it is enjoyable listening to his speech. He came up to an idea of imagining things that could possibly happen if people in the Bible used to have phones and are engaged in different social media websites. Along with John Crist is Trey Kennedy who is also a famous American social media personality. Trey is a musician and a comedian based in Oklahoma City and he is also good in throwing funny statements.

We have uploaded a video of John Crist and Trey Kennedy discussing things about what could have possibly happened if Bible characters already have their phones during their time. This video is really funny and it will make your day better in any way. I loved John’s statement when he said that upon visiting the Marketplace in Facebook, he saw Joseph’s brothers selling him! This is hilarious and this brings good vibes trying to recall your favorite Bible stories.

If Bible Characters had iPhones
John Crist and Trey Kennedy break down what it would have been like if Bible Characters had iPhones. John Crist is a standup comedian. For more videos, bio and live tour dates visit

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