Josh Groban Belts Out Incredible Song “O Holy Night” Left Listeners In...

Josh Groban Belts Out Incredible Song “O Holy Night” Left Listeners In Tears

We have our own set of classic songs that we keep and tend to listen to it every time we missed them. Now that we are celebrating the birth of our Savior, it is almost every day that we hear songs on the air that tells about the story of a baby boy once born in a manger. I should say we are very familiar with the hymn as well as with the lyrics because are parents also love these songs and play it since we were young. It became a tradition to play Christmas carols every time we celebrate the Christmas season.

Josh Groban is an American singer, songwriter and an actor who is also a brilliant record producer. We have heard him belting out different songs which are really amazing because of his unique gift in singing. In 2007, Groban became the number one best selling artist in the United States. He is famously known for his easy listening and classical crossover songs. Now he got his own rendition of a famous classical hymn “O Holy Night” which is perfectly delivered.

We may have heard a lot of version of the song “O Holy Night” and we are very familiar to it even teenagers nowadays. The song talks about the night when Jesus was born through Mary. It was the star who guided the three wise men to locate the baby boy that was born in a manger one cold night. The baby boy who turned out to be the person who was destined to save the whole wide world. It was Jesus! The baby boy who cleansed us from our sins and gave His life by dying on the cross of Calvary in order for us to have freedom from our sins.

O Holy Night – Josh Groban
Set to scenes from The Nativity Story… O Holy Night – by Josh Groban. Video Created by Youtube channel Tonycdrive.

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