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Josh Turner Proud Of His Boys Sharing The Gospel Through Singing “The River Of Happiness” Great Talent!

Everyone wants to be happy and we deserve to be because God has given us the gift of life. Happiness can be found in the simplest things and for others, their source of happiness are their loved ones. A lot of people are still confused about what could make them happy. There are people who think possessions can give true happiness in life but after acquiring everything, they still remained unhappy and not contented of what they have. We are given the chance to live in this world and we deserve to feel happy. True happiness comes from God and serving Him is the main purpose why we live.

Josh Turner is an American country and gospel singer and actor. He is blessed to have a supportive family who is always there supporting him in His career. Josh has released several albums that have become successful. He’s truly blessed having four boys who also love music. Now he’s releasing his new gospel album I Serve A Savior and one song is performed by his 4 kids. The song was written by his wife with a great message about the true source of happiness. As featured on the album, Turner’s boys showcased their talents in The River Of Happiness and the crowd will surely love it!

Listen to God’s voice and hear Him as He calls your name to serve His ministry. Listen to this song as the message as the song encourage you to share your faith that others may reflect on it. These boys are truly gifted and their voices are so sweet!

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