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“When I am in Trouble, God says···” Discover What God Wants to Tell His Daughters And Sons Through Joshua David’s “You Say”!

Joshua David has covered a lot of songs with the intention of worshipping God. His acoustic rendition of “You Say” is so heart-warming that it clearly states what the Lord wants us to feel. Human as we are, we tend to feel weak at the time of troubles in life. The song tells us that God says we are strong. We are mighty by His power and grace that even a roaring lion could not defeat.

God knows His lamb and takes good care of them. He always reminds us not to worry about the things brought by the world. Fight your fear and be courageous for the Lord our God guides us every second of the day. The enemy has no ability to overpower God’s mighty hands. He heals the sick and gives sight to blind people and empower His children who believe in Him.

The Lord is our only hope every time we fall short. He alone can save us in whatever incident that we may encounter in life. Listening to a song of praise can touch the hearts of men and let them turn their back into things that don’t bring glory to God. Trust Him and lay all your burdens to Him for God is good all the time.

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