Keanu Reeves Does Not Wear Designer Clothes or Live in A Mansion, But He Gives His Money to The Needy

Keanu Reeves is not just famous for the iconic and epic roles he plays on the big screen. He is also a genuinely nice person which seems to be an unorthodox practice for Hollywood artists. He is also often referred to as “the internet’s boyfriend” because of how much people love him.

Among his notable roles were Neo from “The Matrix ” and “John Wick”. Aside from professionalism and good acting he is a genuine stand-up kind of guy. He was seen to have given up a seat on the subway for a stranger. He was also seen donating to homeless people and even talking to them and listening to their stories.


He is also generous towards those who he works with. For example, for the film “The Matrix”, he gave part of income to the film crew. He also gave a Rolex watch to each member of the stunt team from “John Wick”. Each of the watches had a personalized message engraved at the back of how grateful he was to work with them. These acts have earned him the reputation of being one of the humblest actors in Hollywood.

Since his arrival in Hollywood, one aspect of Reeves’ appeal has remained constant: his attire. Reeves has become known for wearing a rather utilitarian uniform consisting of blue jeans, a simple jacket, and large beat-up boots, rather than spending thousands of dollars on designer clothes.

Reeves’ clothing choices may appear insignificant, but they can be seen as a physical manifestation of how he sees himself — just like any other normal person. He doesn’t need flashy clothes, expensive cars, or even opulent mansions because he understands that material possessions aren’t the key to happiness.

The actor said that money isn’t everything in life which is the main reason he is not afraid of giving it away. According to reports, he gives gifts to his film crew because he feels that they were the ones who made the movie.

On several occasions, the actor has been photographed donating to homeless people on the street. In one memorable incident in 1997, Reeves sat down next to a homeless man, shared drinks and snacks with him, and lay on his back while the man told him stories. It may appear to be a publicity stunt, but he was discovered by chance by a couple of paparazzi.

He also donates to help a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research. He says that he doesn’t attach his name to it and lets the foundation do it as they see fit.

In the Bible, we are taught by Jesus to not let our right hand know the good that our left hand is doing. This is because if it is found out by people, then that would be our reward, but if it is done in secret, then God will provide the reward in due time.

Let us strive to do good to others even if nobody recognizes it. For we are sure that God, who sees everything, will recognize it and that’s all that matters in the end.

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