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Little Girl Writes Letter to ‘Dad in Heaven’ Then Receives A Heartwarming Reply

It’s Father’s Day, and eight-year-old Sianna Tully wanted to send a note to her dad. Unfortunately, her Father’s Day greetings will not reach her dad as he is already in heaven. Nevertheless, a kind postman warmed the girl’s heart and had her letter responded. 

Sianna’s dad Tony, 39, died when she was still a four-month-old baby. However, the girl did not forget him and wrote a letter on special days. 

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“I love you, and I miss you, and I will see you again one day. I’m a good girl for mum,” she wrote in her careless, cursive handwriting. She later addressed it to “Dad, Heaven, Cloud Nine, PO Box 29.”

This is not the first time that Sianna wrote a letter to his dad. The little girl wrote to him on special occasions like his birthday, Christmas, and Father’s Day. 

The mailman Simon James, 29, noticed Sianna’s mail. However, he was confused about who the sender was and had no idea which recipient he would deliver it to. 

Source: Spotted Braunstone Facebook page

He narrated his story on the Spotted Braunstone Facebook page together with Sianna’s handwriting in hopes of finding her mom. 

“Obviously without a stamp or an actual address on it, if it got put in with the rest of the stuff to be delivered, it would just end up getting thrown away in transit somewhere.” he wrote

Sianna’s attempt to communicate with her late dad touched a chord in Simon’s heart as he too lost his dad, a retired local council road worker, to cancer.  

“I would like to reach out to them and with their permission, sort out a little something for the child. I myself lost my dad last year and, as an adult, found it hard, so I can only imagine what this child is going through.” he wrote. 

Source: Dad Tony and Sianna

The post got viral with lots of shares from people who would like to help Simon reach the kid’s parents. Finally, it reached Sarah, Sianna’s mom, who lived in Braunstone, Leicestershire. 

The two adults finally had the chance to communicate and develop an idea that Simon should write back to Sianna. 

The dad-of-two did not want to make Sianna live in a fantasy world. Instead, Simon clarified that it was him, the postman, not her dad writing to her.

“Sianna, you truly are a very brave little girl, and your dad would be so proud of you. Keep smiling, and you’ll make the world a much better place. From Simon, the postman.”

  “It was such a lovely surprise and a wonderful thought. Sianna was all smiles and very happy and very grateful,” Sarah shared. 

Sianna’s father, Tony, died due to a reaction after taking drugs for severe arthritis. Meanwhile, Sarah would like to cherish the heartwarming moment and plan to print the comments on Simon’s Facebook post. She wanted to show it to Sianna years from now. 

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