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Lady Started Tapping Her Feet At The Airport, More Than 10 Millions Watched Online!

We have seen various talents from different people with different cultures. There are people who are multi-talented that are really amazing. These talents were given to us with a purpose. Be proud of what you’ve got for it is a precious blessing from God.

Commuters from London Southend Airport were amazed of a spectacular performance that they have witnessed. It all started when a girl wearing a green jacket tapped her feet and everything that followed was surprising. She gracefully performed an Irish dance where she captured the attention of the people around her. Suddenly a man who was closely looking at her started dancing too. He also tapped his feet following the steps of the young lady. A group of young men and women came dancing the Irish steps too and people at the airport started to cheer. They were making noise and it seems like they were enjoying watching a spectacular show.

The group of Irish dancers was from McGahan Lees Dance Academy in Essex, England. They came to launch the Aer Lingus Regional Service. The people were stuck watching at them and they were clapping their hands to the tune of the song. This is surely an unforgettable performance since it was unusual to see this kind of performance at the airport. The video was uploaded to Youtube and it was already viewed more than 9 million times. This is something that those talented dancers should be proud of! Press play and don’t miss seeing a memorable event that showcased a great talent!

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