Doctors and Powerful Prayers Saved Woman Struggling to Breathe on JetBlue flight

Always, people like to judge others as good or evil. But do you know that there is always a good side among men? We may be rude to others at times but deep in our heart is an urge to help save humanity. We are always touched by the sorrowful situation to help others. This is an innate goodness planted by God in our hearts because He believes that everyone has the capacity to do good to others and serve as a perfect example to mankind.

Xenia Flanagan was on her flight to Jamaica together with her husband John and his friend Matthew Stevenson. Both of them are anesthesiologists and as doctors, they plead to save lives under whatever circumstance. They were 20 minutes out of Orlando, Florida when a woman known to have lung disease experienced a terrible situation in the plane. She was attacked by her illness and had difficulty breathing at that very moment. Everyone panicked trying to help the woman without hesitation. She was gasping for air and her face was turning faint. John and Matthew tried to find something that they can use in order to perform the necessary action for this emergency. They cut the tube from the oxygen mask to improvise and attached it to the oxygen tank inside the plane.

A small crowd gathered along the aisle as these heroes tried to save the woman’s life. What’s empowering is seeing the people holding hands praying steadfastly while the doctors are performing such action. It was captured by a simple photo that gives a clear picture that men are born with goodness in their hearts.

Show kindness to men that they may see God’s goodness in you. Let God use your life as an instrument that people may believe and have faith in Him!