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Lauren Daigle Rock It With Her New Song “Still Rolling Stones” At The Ellen Show

We get discouraged by our failures in life without knowing how we can recover. Our bad experiences were designed in order for us to learn and not to repeat the same mistakes in life. This should serve as a reminder for us that sometimes we failed but God has given us a chance to rise up. Everything in this world is recessive compared to the power of the Almighty Father. All knees shall bow unto Him and it should only be Him that we need to serve. God sees our hardships in life and He will surely provide the strength for us to move on and be able to carry the burden.

The famous Ellen Degeneres has invited Lauren Daigle as her guest in her awesome talk show. Lauren has showcased her talent as she performed her new song Still Rolling Stones. Lauren is an American contemporary Christian music singer. She is also a singer and a songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana. Lauren is blessed with a God-given talent that she used to honor God. This is something that we should be thankful for.

Lauren has continued to grow with love for Jesus. The message of the song is clear that every time we fall, God is always there to pick us up. When you don’t understand His message and you can’t find His hands, simply trust His heart. Check out the video and be blessed as Lauren Daigle brings out the message that God wants you to know!

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