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Little Girl Tells A Bible Story About Jonah, Age Is Not A Hindrance To Share God’s Word

God has commanded each one of us to go and teach all nations about the gospel of God. We need to do our responsibility as a Christian being fisher of men. We are accountable for sharing the truth to set people free from the bondage of sin. We are trusted by God to be part of our brother’s and sister’s salvation.

Mary Margaret is an amazing little girl from Corinth Baptist Church who shares the word of God by telling Bible stories. In this video, Mary tells the story of Jonah, a faithful man of God who was swallowed by a big fish. The story seems to be familiar to most of us but what is surprising is the cute little girl in the video who shares God’s word to everyone!

God uses people as an instrument for others to be aware of His teachings. This video only shows that no matter how young or how old you are if God has chosen you to be His disciple, you are truly blessed. It is a privilege to be a man of God and preach His gospel. Use your God-given talent to save souls by introducing Jesus to them. You may receive rejections from other people but don’t be scared because God is always on your side.

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