LifestyleCops Step In To Save Boy's Birthday When No One Shows Up!

Cops Step In To Save Boy’s Birthday When No One Shows Up!

Parties are great to bond with friends or meet new ones. It’s a fun and engaging activity for everyone, especially for kids. Every kid wants to experience having a fun-filled and the best birthday celebration ever. So parents always find ways to make this happen.

Ashlee Buratti from Florida, who invited 16 guests to her son Glenn’s 6th birthday party with the hope that it would make him the happiest kid. She sent the invites to his kindergarten friends but didn’t expect that she would get no reply. Not one.

But Ashlee still held her son’s party anyway wishing that they would eventually show up. However, the hours ticked by and to her and Glenn’s dismay, none of the people she invited came over. Ashlee knew her son felt sad seeing the way he tried so hard to pinch the bridge of his nose to hide his tears.

As a mother, she felt his heartbreak and could not just let the day go by without trying her best to make him smile.  After all, it was his birthday. Glenn suffers from mild autism and epilepsy and Ashlee only wanted to make him happy on his special day. So she took a chance and asked for help on social media.

“I know this might be something silly to rant about, but my heart is breaking for my son. He keeps asking ‘when will my friends get here?'”Ashlee wrote on Facebook.

Ashlee didn’t expect the immense response to her plea. Her post quickly became viral and within an hour strangers came to turn the boy’s tears of sadness into tears of joy. Glenn couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw people from all over arrive. The Oceola County Sheriff’s Department sent a helicopter that circled his house for 20 minutes and its pilot even waved at Glenn.

He also received a gift from the owner of the local pet shop who came with her family. There were other families who came to give the birthday boy a smile. Ashlee said the celebrations continued in the following week with Glenn receiving personal birthday greetings from a canine unite, drivers of a SWAT van, police cars, and a fire truck.

Glenn certainly had the awesome and best birthday celebration any kid could ever ask for. Ashlee couldn’t be more grateful for the kind-hearted and thoughtful strangers who went out of their way to make her boy the happiest child. As for the friends who didn’t show up, Ashlee says she’s not holding a grudge against them and only wishes for people to be more thoughtful.

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