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Lydia And Baby Brother With Down Syndrome Makes Perfect Duet Singing You Are My Sunshine

Siblings are expected to love, take care, and show support to each other. We are lucky enough to have siblings that we can lean on them in difficulties. They are people who will always be there to listen to our heartaches and give good advice. They are the people who will comfort us in times of sorrow and will always be there to give a good warm hug. Understanding each other and being forgiving is the key to a harmonious relationship between brothers and sisters.

Lydia is a loving sister who watches over his 2-year-old baby brother Bo. Bo was born with down syndrome and has a 12-word vocabulary. All of the words that he utters were learned from music. He has a hard time speaking but he’s always trying. Their mom, Amanda Bowman Gray was at the shower one day and it was Lydia who was watching over his little brother. She grabbed the guitar and started strumming. She played the beautiful song “You Are My Sunshine” and Bo was trying so hard to sing with her. It was a perfect duet from the siblings and it is so sweet for a big sister to give time and attention to her little brother despite his condition.

Some people were born differently and we should not let them feel that they’re different. Let us face the fact that there are people who struggle in life and a tap at the back could be a meaningful way to encourage them. Siblings should know the importance of loving each other for the time will come that their parents will soon be older and leave them. Siblings get each other’s back and survive life. If you have a sibling, don’t let a day pass without telling them how much you love them and let them feel that you support them in any way. Watch the video below to see how Lydia expressed her love to baby Bo despite his down syndrome.

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