Man Found Old Plastic Wallet While Doing Renovations In An Old Building, Owner’s Response Was Amazing!

We all love watching movies and we always make sure we spend time with our family going to movie theaters. We are quite excited every time we hear about new movies being released and we always make sure we take the time to bond with our loved ones. We also give importance to our valuables especially our phone and wallet and we always make sure we bring those every time we go out.

Clare McIntosh is an 85-year-old man who never expected something odd to happen. Clare and his family grew up near Colo, Nevada and like some other people who love spending time watching movies, Claire and his friends always visit a classic movie theater in Nevada which is a big hit during their younger days. Families who live far from this movie theater still takes time to travel just to watch their favorite movies offered by the cinema. They drive a long way but still gets the satisfaction of having fun through the movie that they watch.

It was an old building that was constructed in the 1920s and it looks old already. A businessman named Larry Sloan bought the place and decided to have it reconstructed before he puts up a new business. When his laborers started to inspect the place, they were surprised to see a brown plastic wallet on the ledge. They opened the wallet and found some identification cards of the owner trying to gather some information to have it returned. They found out that the owner of the wallet was a 15-year-old boy named Claire McIntosh so they decided to look for him in order to return his possession. When Claire saw his old wallet, incredible memories came back to him and he was so happy to receive Larry’s gift.

You will not believe what workers found in this old theater
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