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Man in Horrible Car Accident Walks away Shouting ‘Thank You Jesus!’

A man emerged unscathed from a devastating car accident, and in a display of profound gratitude, he exclaimed, “Thank You, Jesus!”

The Christian’s Deck shared a video capturing this miraculous event that unfolded amidst the wreckage of two vehicles—a black Nissan Altima and a red pickup truck—colliding on the street.

The impact of the accident rendered both vehicles in ruins, especially the Altima, suggesting a grim outcome for its driver. However, against all odds, the owner of the Altima, donned in a white shirt, miraculously walked away without a scratch.

The video captured the moment when, amidst the wreckage, the car owner stood in the middle of the street, fervently thanking and praising Jesus for his survival. “Thank You, Jesus! Thank You Lord!” echoed his shouts of gratitude.

The person recording the video marveled at the scene, stating, “This is what only God can do.” Meanwhile, the other vehicle involved in the accident contained children who, understandably traumatized, cried out to God for help. Miraculously, despite the significant damage to the cars, no one sustained injuries.


When I seen this video earlier today….. I hollered with the man! I pray he is seeking God for why he kept him here! Because there is something he is supposed to be doing! Yes God! #carwreck #fyp #praisegod

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The video of this awe-inspiring incident has left viewers astounded by the apparent intervention of a higher power. Mary Beth Woodley, a viewer, expressed her gratitude, writing, “Weeping with gratitude that everyone survived…thank you Jesus…this is a miracle no one passed away.”

Another viewer, Terri Cortez Newman, shared her own testimony, attesting to the transformative power of divine grace in moments of life or death.

She recounted her experience of walking away with only a few scratches and a totaled car, stating, “Only Jesus can cover you with Grace in moments of life or death. Amen brother, glad you felt his hand upon you that day, and may your heart stay in gratitude for the kingdom’s good works.”

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