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Man In Red Sweater Shared Joy To People At The Mall Through Perky Moves

We all get busy at this time of the year. We look forward for a big celebration where everyone prepares tasty food on the table. It is during Christmas that everyone seems to be happy. Adults are spending much time trying to buy groceries and shopping at the mall. While kids get this nice feeling of excitement where they will soon be opening Christmas present from their loved ones. For quite some time we forget the feeling of being tired at work and stress got no room in this special holiday season.

It is such a nice feeling when you knew that somebody was happy because of you. We share happiness with others in our own different way and this man on a red sweater makes people feel the joy in their heart as he roams around the entire mall. Preston Leatherman is known for his silliness that makes people happy. He went viral after uploading his video where he shared his silly but perky dance steps at the mall. He was playing Mariah Carrey’s holiday classic song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” while he was enjoying the tap of his feet and the moves of his body. He was dancing beside mannequins and people couldn’t avoid his silly steps.

He doesn’t care about what people might say but instead, he was determined to make people laugh and let them feel the joy as Christmas comes along their way. Sometimes we may think that a small favor is just a simple act without importance but for others, it could be one way of letting them feel happy and forget their problems for a while. Putting a smile to somebody’s face is a big thing and this will help people remember you and what you did.

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