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Man in Plane Gave Soldiers Free Lunch, Simple Act of Kindness Gave a Big Impact!

No act of kindness is ever wasted, no matter how simple it is. A kind heart will always be remembered by many. Be kind even if people are unkind to you for you will truly be rewarded by the Almighty Father. Other people may be rude to us and treat us unequally, but we should not take revenge and hide anger them. Instead of getting back to them we can treat them with kindness that they may realize their wrongdoings.

Denny Kukich was on his flight together with a bunch of soldiers. Before take-off, Denny had a chance to ask them where they are heading. The soldiers responded that they will have their training for two weeks in Petawawa then after that, they will be deployed in Afghanistan. Denny bought a sack lunch and noticed that nobody among the soldiers bought one for themselves. Later on Denny realized that these guys sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country no matter how dangerous it is.

Denny decided to buy sack lunches for each of them and told the crew to hand it over to the soldiers. It was just a simple act of kindness but it was least that he can do during that time. Somebody noticed what he did and handed him $25 to help. Until two other people did the same thing too. The soldiers gathered upon entering the terminal and Denny went to them to give the $75 that he collected. Denny also prayed for the Lord to bless their safety.

Life may give us chances to show kindness to others. If so, do not ever think twice but always make sure to offer help even if they don’t ask. Showing your concern to others was exhibited by Jesus Christ when He was nailed on the cross. The soldiers were causing Him too much pain but instead of getting mad at them, He prayed to the Father asking for forgiveness on behalf of them for they do not know what they were doing. This is a great example of generosity that we need to possess. No one became poor because of giving because the Lord will continue to bless you for your kind and gentle heart!

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