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Man Proclaims Healing Miracle After He Heard God’s Voice and Obeyed

For centuries now, many have benefitted from the healing miracles of Jesus. His miracles defy class and race. His love is infinite and has helped kings and lepers alike. In our modern world, some of us may have become skeptical about whether miracles still exist. 

Yes, they do! God’s miracles have worked among people who need them the most. These miracles often surprised the sick, the needy, the brokenhearted, and the desperate and gave them a second chance at life. 

Source: David Ivy Youtube

Bob from Pennsylvania can attest to this. Bob has a heart problem, “I have trouble in my heart since 2015. I was on medication to keep my heart from racing. The one medication is for pain and blood pressure.,” he said. 

During the summer, God spoke to him and gave him one command, ‘Praise me all the time.’ 

Bob followed God’s instructions and praised His name regularly. In everything he did, at home and work, he continuously praised him. 

Another message came to him one day. He was on his to his car to go somewhere when he heard a voice that he believed came from an angel. The angel told him, ‘God wants to bless you.’ 

It was a busy day for Bob. When he came home, he felt stressed and fatigued. The stress affected his heart. “I thought I had a blockage. The pain was pretty bad. And I was down to the hospital.” 

Bob was in bad condition. When he reached the hospital, the medical staff immediately had to take him to the E.R. The team found out that his heart rate dropped from 80 to 42. “It was pretty low.” 

Bob asked the staff to go home to check on his dogs. While he was home, he felt something different happening to his heart.

When he returned to the hospital, things took a different direction, and finally, the doctors told Bob some good news. 

“Bobby got no blockages whatsoever,” a doctor from the heart specialist told him. 

Out of the blue, the doctor asked Bob if he was a Christian. Then, he held Bob’s hand and uttered a prayer for him. 

Bob went home, his life changed. “From that time on, I didn’t have to be on any medication for my heart whatsoever. My blood pressure, my heart wasn’t speeding up, it was maintained. Fantastic blood pressure. And, it (his heart) was doing it ever since,” he said.

“I really wanna give glory to Jesus for giving this.” 

This is not the first time Bob experienced the Lord’s miracle. Years before, he experienced another setback losing his job and experiencing the loss of a divorce. 

The Lord did not leave Bob in his times of adversary. He advised him to go to the hospital to get a job waiting for him. 

“I just wanna give glory to Jesus for that. Amen,” he concluded. 

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