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Man Suffered A Lot Surprisedly Got $1.5 Million for Selling A “Normal” Blanket Passed by Family through Generations

For with God, all things are possible. We may suffer from a lot of struggles in life and we sometimes think that there’s no way left to get out of the situation. Nobody’s there to help us because nobody gives importance to us. The whole world may turn their back and leave you hanging but God will not forsake His children. Whatever storm we encounter, our Father in heaven will remain faithful in preparing us a rainbow after the rain.

LT suffered from an injury caused by a car crash and he was living his life trying to survive while depending on his disability check every month. He lost one leg and now his situation is a lot harder than before. He was watching television when he caught an episode of Antiques Roadshow and on this episode, they featured Navajo’s chief blanket that was appraised for over half a million dollars. LT realized that he also has a similar blanket that was part of his heirloom. That blanket really looked the same like that on the television and it was an old blanket passed down to him by his family.

He then tried to contact an appraiser and he was given a scheduled date for auction by John Moran. LT waited for this big day and without his knowledge, this day will change his whole life by God’s will. The time has come for the auction to take place and he was a bit nervous by that time. His wife was also there showing some love and support to him. It was a shocking incident when the auction ended at $1.5 million. LT couldn’t believe that his blanket was a real thing and a whole lot of money in equivalence. Now all his problems are gone and life would be easier for him. He was thinking of buying his own house and maybe fix his car a little.

Our recent situation is temporary. We may suffer a lot today but believe me, God has store something great for us! We just need to find Him in our heart and claim His promise that He will be giving us whatever we ask in prayer. Watch the video and feel LT’s emotion during the auction day. This is a testimony that God will always be good in our lives no matter what hardship life may bring.

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