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Man Turned Empty Warehouse Into A Book Thing, Fire Ruined Everything And Community’s Response Was Heart Warming

A lot of people prefer to read books rather than watching moves. Book lovers can’t wait to read new reading materials that are released recently and they believe that reading books can help them widen their knowledge and gives them more ideas that seem to be new. Most of the movies that we have seen are also based on stories from different kinds of books. They just put some add-ons or twists to make it more interesting.

Russell Wattenberg is a man from Baltimore, Maryland who always sees the importance of reading books and he always wants to share it with others. He encourages everyone to read books to gain more understanding not just with current events but also something that happened in the past that contains a very important lesson. Russell created a The Book Thing wherein he turned an empty warehouse into more likely a library full of books that were donated by people in the community. People who comes to visit the book thing can take the books home without returning it and they don’t need to pay any amount.

Last March, something unexpected happened wherein the fire ruined The Book Thing. Most of the books got burned and Russell was so disappointed that he lost hope to reconstruct the book thing. God works in mysterious ways and blessings overflowed. A lot of people donated boxes of books to replace the ones ruined by fire. Russell didn’t expect this to happen but he was glad that people are still concerned about having the book thing back.

A new chapter for “The Book Thing”
For more than 17 years Russell Wattenberg has catered to thousands of hungry minds. He runs a Baltimore outfit called The Book Thing, which is not a library or store. People can just take whatever books they want, for free. A fire destroyed the non-profit in March 2016, but a new page has turned: The Book Thing has bounced back.

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