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Mother Reveals Pain Behind Blue Carpet Stain, Focus On People Not Material Things

Children are God’s gift to parents. They are considered as the greatest blessing a parent could have in life. Normally parents usually feel tired of their all day responsibility to their children. But nobody complains because this is part of your responsibility when you asked God to give children. As a mother, it is already a daily activity looking in to a pile of laundry, toys scattered everywhere, screaming and shouting and kids running all over the place. We make sure to put order inside the house but a minute after, toys are still seen on the floor and even step on it. These are normal things that a mother battles every day. Despite a tiring day is a mom who kisses her children goodnight and read them a favorite bedtime story.

It was fourteen years ago when Heather Duckworth, a mother of 2-year-old triplets and a 4-year-old big brother shares her heartfelt story to all the moms out there. She posted it in her facebook account entitled “The Blue Stain” and it went viral touching the lives and hearts of mothers who experience the same thing. It was bedtime when the boys just finished up dinner and baths and were picking up the playroom before going to bed. They were singing and dancing to the music on the radio, having fun as another crazy normal day is about to end. One of her toddler triplets grabbed a pen that exploded and sprayed the ink everywhere. It was scattered all over the carpet, his pajamas and all over himself. Heather was so upset that time and her emotions are taking over her. She was tired all day and this incident made her easily get mad as tears roll down her eyes while she was scrubbing her kid. They only lived for 6 months in that house yet the carpet was already ruined leaving a blue mark on the carpet. Even the professional clear are not able to remove the stain and she hated it.

The following month after, the little boy was diagnosed with cancer and after two sorrowful years, he passed away. The little boy was gone but the blue ink remained on the carpet as a reminder of him to his parents. Every time Heathers cleans up and see the blue ink on the carpet, it gave her tears remembering her cute little boy. We can’t predict what the future will bring but we can always choose to focus on people instead of things around us. Give importance to the people around you by letting them feel appreciated instead of taking care of the things and give more value to it. Life is short so as early as now, tell your loved ones how much you love and care for them!

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