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New Age Believer Converts To Christianity After Jesus Gives Her A Sign In Her Dream

My name is Jenna Sanders and this is my testimony of how I found Christ after a lifetime of seeking. I’m sharing this because I want to help other people.

Let me start my story from when I was very young. Even then, there was something about me that was different. I never fit in but I had a very intense connection with nature. I was very sensitive and very close to nature. It was like I had this inner world without war, animal slaughter and without people destroying the environment.

I knew that my soul had a purpose but I didn’t really pray nor follow God, even though I believed that God was real. As I grew older, the pressure to fit in was tough on me. I was bullied and I wanted to commit suicide. I was so lonely and I got taken advantage of sexually because I was so depressed and I was seeking attention from the wrong people.

When I was 13, I became vegan. A year later, I got into the New Age. I believed I was an indigo child. I would meditate and believe that the universe is God. I believed that my veganism was bringing me closer to nature.

Eventually, I was convinced that I had a purpose outside of the school system. A bullying situation forced my parents to allow me to be homeschooled. I had so many spiritual experiences and I started to write Shakespeare level poetry. I would even have psychic visions that would come true.

Then, I started having demonic dreams. I asked my friend, Marissa, who was an ex-New Ager who had turned Christian, “what do I do?”

She suggested that I ask Jesus for a sign. Two weeks later, I had a dream that if I continue to just create my own spirituality, I would keep on getting attacked spiritually. But if I turn to Christ, I would be set free.

That night, I experienced amazing pace, love and joy that I’ve never experienced before. I didn’t know that Christianity was so much more than what I thought was a dead religion. If you are in the New Age, I just want to tell you that there is a place for you in Christ.

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