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Nurse Brenda Singing ‘You Light Up My Life’ To Hopeless Patient Gives Hope To Family

We will soon get older as years go by and that’s the time that we will be needing more love and attention from people who surrounds us. Our body gets weaker and our strength deteriorates as we age. We might acquire various illness that would discourage us to live, but we must not lose hope because God is watching us.

Robert Olson is an 85-year-old man who was rushed at Bronson hospital due to difficulty in breathing. Her family was informed that his condition was serious and that he needed thorough monitoring. Because of this sad news, his family knew that there was no single chance for him to go home, and discharging him from the hospital was never an option due to this situation. Robert and his daughter Roberta were watching a show of Pat Boone in the hospital room when Nurse Brenda came in. Nurse Brenda said that she didn’t like Pat Boone but she loved one particular song that the star’s daughter sang.

Nurse Brenda’s statement amazed Robert and Roberta. But they were more surprised when the nurse started to sing “You Light Up My Life” which is Robert’s favorite song. That was truly a sweet act when Nurse Brenda promised the old man that she would come back the following day to bring the lyrics of the song so that they can sing together. It was not just an ordinary song for Robert, it was his favorite song! Watch the video below and don’t forget to grab some tissues to wipe your tears.

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