LifestyleNurse Crying Singing Patient’s Favorite Song Gives Hope, Sweetness Touched Million Lives

Nurse Crying Singing Patient’s Favorite Song Gives Hope, Sweetness Touched Million Lives

Moments of discouragement comes in life and it slowly kills us inside. The problems that we met in our lifelong journey are just simple tests that we need to survive. At times that we feel hopeless, we call unto God to give us the strength to continue fighting our battle. We wouldn’t understand it if we haven’t tried the feeling of being hopeless like there’s nothing that we can do at all but to accept the circumstance and wait until the day it ends.

A Nashville nurse went viral after millions of people saw her video singing her patient’s favorite song. Smith had been fighting cancer for a very long time now and her body gets weaker every day. She’s left with no hope thinking that the day will come that she will be leaving all of her loved ones. Neufelder was assigned to monitor and take care of this patient and she was really good at it. She was singing Smith’s favorite song while tears were running down her cheeks. It was a very sweet act showing sympathy to other people. It only shows that somebody whom you don’t know still cares for you.

We all have the different profession to practice and we encounter various types of people every day. Let us make sure that we show compassion to other people in our own simple way. It may be a simple act, but the effect to others is great as it motivates them to fight and hold onto God as He alone can give them strength to survive. Be an inspiration of love, hope, and faith by letting people feel that at their downfall, our Father in heaven is always there to catch us. His love is constant and it will never fade.

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